This bbbb shampoo’s base ingredients have strong detergent qualities, allowing it to remove dirt and waste sebum effectively, after which it firmly moisturizes the skin. The main appeal of this product is how the collagen and silk ingredients preserve an appropriate amount of moisture in the skin, leaving a resilient and glossy coat. Moreover, glycyrrhizic acid 2K, which prevents skin roughness and inflammation, keeps people’s and pets’ skin healthy. In addition, lavender oil, hypericum extract, calendula extract and Roman chamomile extract have antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and astringent effects. Linden extract, cornflower extract and chamomile extract also have anti-inflammatory and moisturizing effects to protect the skin. It is a very effective shampoo, not only for cleaning but also for moisture retention. ※For dogs with long coats, such as Afghan hounds, Yorkshire terriers and border collies.

Based on vegetable oil, the hydrogenated rapeseed oil alcohol (containing large amounts of oleic acid, linoleic acid and linolenic acid), keeps moisture in the skin and coat. Compared to other vegetable oils, it causes less oxidation and hardening. In addition, silk extract, collagen and ceramide are used in large quantities. These ingredients prevent the skin drying and give a glossy coat. Furthermore, cholesterol (including lanolin) provides a coating of moisture and oils. Through this, the generation of static electricity is suppressed and both hair tangling and hairballs are reduced. As with the shampoos, the conditioner has anti-inflammation, deodorization and protective qualities with six kinds of herbs.

The low-irritating soap ingredient in this shampoo has a degreasing effect, and the fine bubbles keep moisture in the skin. It removes waste sebum from the skin and dirt from the coat, and assists in the making of healthy and clean skin. Meadowfoam oil, shea butter, honey, royal jelly extract and hyaluronic acid are included in the moisturizing ingredients. This shampoo, which is gentle to the coat and skin, has been created for sensitive pets.
※For dogs with long fluffy hair to short hair, such as poodles, bichon frise and rough collies.

This specialized pet treatment is made of natural ingredients including organic vegetable oil. With gentle, natural power, it gives plenty of moisture to hair damaged by sunlight or dryness, creating a beautiful coat which has luster and bounce.
※For all breeds

cheveuxsoie Repair Milk
2 litres €123 (excl. tax)

This product is for repairing the hair ends of long-haired dogs such as poodles, Afghan hounds and Yorkshire terriers, leaving a beautiful, lustrous coat. Argan oil, the main active ingredient, restores damaged hair inside the coat.
※Because there is a lot of oil, it must not be applied directly to the skin.

cheveuxsoie Brushing Mist
1 litre €30 (excl. tax)

This brushing mist is not sticky, and becomes more effective the more you use it in your daily care. With intensive spraying, hard hairballs become easier to loosen. If something should get caught in the fur while roaming around the countryside, it can be removed easily by directly spraying on it without causing the dog any pain. We recommend removing any leaves before using the product to make cleaning easier. As with cheveuxsoie Conditioner, it prevents static electricity from building up, protecting the coat and making it smooth to touch. It is an indispensable item, and is especially useful during the winter.

cheveuxsoie Soap for Legs
150g €14 (excl. tax)

This soap, which has been created especially for washing a dog’s legs, removes stubborn black dirt which has come from asphalt and other surfaces. Although it has excellent bactericidal, antibacterial and insecticidal effects, its natural ingredients wash your precious dog’s hair and skin gently. Tea tree oil is the active ingredient.
※Since tea tree oil can cause allergic reactions in cats, please refrain from using it for cats.

cheveuxsoie Conserva Spray
€23 (excl. tax)

Containing gently acting Argan oil, this spray keeps your dog’s coat light and soft for long periods. Although it creates a very fine mist the nozzle never blocks up, allowing the contents to be completely used. To remove the product, our Brushing Mist is ideal.
※After removal using Brushing Mist, shampooing is necessary before Conserva Spray can be re-applied.