For your pretty dog, is the shampoo care done?

Hi, all!
Cherry  blossom is blooming everywhere in Japan, we can feel the beatiful shift in the seasons.

Spring is finally here!


One of the best things to do in the spring is to take a long walk with your dog.

Since it will be getting warmer and  warmer ; those nice spring-time walks will have your furry friend working up a sweat .

It is now time to think about their shampoo!

Are you giving them a genuine love with a gentle and fresh wash?


By the way, for your pretty dog, is the shampoo care done?
It is kind to skin, and is the shampoo with the detergency found?
You are not good if not found when you do not choose “the good shampoo” for important dogs.

Therefore I introduce recommended dog shampoo this time.
At first, from the need of the shampoo for dogs, I have some talks.
A dog does not have a smell of sweat. The reason is because a dog does not sweat.
But bacteria may propagate to the dirt which they thrust.
Bacteria become the factor, and “a smell of beast” may be discharge.

If your pretty dog is stinking, do you come to feel sick?


Therefore it is shampoo for dogs which we recommend to be effective.
When I wash the hair of the dog, I use the shampoo for exclusive use of the dog by all means.
The shampoo that we have becomes the specifications that are kind to cover hair and skin for a sensitive pet.

Furthermore, a mild soap ingredient shows a removal of fat power. And, by a careful bubble, it keep the moisture.
Because drop a dirt and the sebum of the cover hair well, make “the skin which is healthy, and is clean”; support it.
Therefore it is really recommended.
Prospect form oil and shea butter and honey and royal jelly extract are in the materials.
Besides, hyaluronic acid is combined as a humidity retention ingredient.
(suitable for not only the long hair class such as the poodle bichon frise rough collie but also the short hair class.)



Your dog get wet with an everyday walk in the rain and enter the puddle, and it is licked by other dogs, and have your dog been accompanied by excrement?
Daily life includes the scene where your beloved dog is polluted with a lot.
Even so, it is not necessary to bathe a dog regularly every day.
The reason is because a sebaceous gland is distributed over the dog skin skin.
The dog prevents drying of the skin by secreting sebum from a sebaceous gland and raises ability to resist water.
On the contrary, “the sebum barrier” which skin and the cover hair coat disappears when I bathe you too much.
When “a sebum barrier” disappears, hair is dry, and a function of the skin decreases, and dermatitis might be caused.
In a timing to shampoo its hair, you find “the dirt” of the dog and am time when I felt “a smell of beast”.
The shampoo specialized in washing a dog does the design that there was in the timing when an owner washes it.
Therefore let’s choose “shampoo in accord with the property for the good dog” if you wash a beloved dog.