The rainy season is full of danger of pet dogs!!!

Hello everyone.
How have you been spending time with your lovely dogs?
Of course, you would have had a good time with your dog.
By the way,Japan is coming soon in the rainy season.
The rainy season is hot and humid.
So it is easy for breeding parasites, molds and fungi to dogs.
And it is said that dogs are most susceptible to disease.


By the way, do you know HOT-SPOTS?
HOT-SPOTS(Alias:Acute eczema or Purulent wound dermatitis)

The disease is caused by high temperature and humidity, the root of the hair of the dog is steamed, breeding bacteria.
Without harbinger,Suddenly a large amount of dog hair was pulled out.
And,dog’s skin is inflamed as abnormally.
Furthermore, symptoms will appear that the coat of dogs hair falls out at once.
As the dogs scratch their affected areas, blood and pus appeared or they have a strange smell.
The symptoms of a dog are not transmitted to people and other animals. However, it is poor.

Not only HOT-SPOTS,Dogs are more likely to have diarrhea the rainy season.
Just because it is hot, you should not let the dog drink water containing a lot of ice.
The reason is that the dog’s gastric juice becomes thin.

Also, be careful not to breed molds in “dog drinking water”.
In the rainy season, please be careful not to spoil the dog food because the food tends to rot.
In addition, please take care of the dog firmly so as not to cause dehydration symptoms.

Especially, dog with long ears are more prone to otitis externa.
The inside of the ear of the dog becomes humid, ticks and parasites are easy to breed.

The rainy season, dogs feel stressed by not going for a walk.
Even if the rainy season goes for a walk, the dog gets very wet.
The rainy season is hot, so dogs sweat a lot.

The rainy season is a scary period for owners, is not it?
Anyway,the rainy season is a period when mold and bacteria are easy to breed.
Please do not neglect your dog care.
After the dog’s shampoo, after the dog’s bathing, even when the dog’s hair gets wet, please dry the dog with a dryer.

What should you do if your dog is afraid of the dryer?
The answer is simple.

Let your dog get used to the sound of the hair dryer.

And when you dry your dog, let’s begin with weak wind.

Let your hair dryer when your dog is crazy for something.

Please do try it by all means.
Well, I pray that your dog will not get sick.
Please have a wonderful rainy season.