Five gestures! Dog’s feelings【part2】

Five gestures! Dog’s feelings【part2】

Hello everyone.
The turn of the season turns hot and it gets cold.
You must do the right physical condition management.
let’s do our best.

Continuing from last time, this blog is also about “feelings of dogs”.

1 Shaking sign

When is the timing of dogs shaking?
Is your dog’s tremor is “discipline” or “training in progress”?

If so, your dog is issuing a sign saying “I got tired.”
And, it also means “denial” or “nervousness”.
When a dog is nervous, the dog makes an effort to calm feelings.

If your dog trembled during training, let’s take a dog break.

2Put your forefoot on your lap

This gesture represents the feeling that the dog desires.
Your dog is requesting you “I want you to do something.”

Let’s face the dog.

3 To scratch the neck

When a dog tilts his head, it is very cute.
The sign that the dog tilts his head is a signal saying “I’d like to listen to your story properly.”
Please get closer to your dog and talk to you.

A sign to look away
This sign indicates “There is no hostility”.
Do not you think that ‘are you listening?’
In the world of dogs, it is not a bad meaning.
The dog tells you “Do not go against it.”
You should not scold your dog again at this time.

Signs that shake the tail
The act of waving a tail of a dog is a pleasant feeling.
Conversely, if the dog has a tail pinched up, I am wary of it.
To make a tail high for a dog is to make the enemy feel “I am superior”.

To understand the feelings of a dog, it is important to purchase information.
Another important thing is skinning.
Even if you know the feelings of a pet dog, it makes no sense if you and your dog get along well.
Why do not you try “shampoo time” where your dog and owner get along?
Please try using it once (^ ^)


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