【2018 World dog show dog species】

【2018 World dog show dog species】
At last the World Dog Show 2018 was held.

So, we will write a memorable blog!
(You can see it at the following URL a dog who won the prize “.)

(We are reprinting images from the website of World dog.)
Well, for 4 days from 8/9 to 8/12, more than 40,000 “dog lovers” gathered in Amsterdam.

Visitors came to enjoy “World Dog Show 201”, the world’s largest dog show.
In that place, more than 33,000 dogs were announced from 74 countries!

Well, what kind of dog was judged?

We would like to introduce the breed group for those who do not know the World Dog Show!

The World Dog Show will review the FCI group indicated by the International Federation of International Dog Associations in 10 terms.


The 1st group is Sheepdog and Cattledog. (Except for Swiss Cattle Dog)

A group of dogs that guides and protects herds of livestock such as sheep.
(These dogs are wise, speedy and loyal dogs too.)
The 2nd group is Pinscher and Schnauzer, Morosian, Swiss Mountain, Swiss Cattle Dog.
Divided into categories, it is a dog who works as a watchdog and guards it, and a dog who works.
(It is cool! It is reliable dogs.)

The 3rd group is terrier.
(Actually, it seems that 32 types of breeds are publicly announced by terrier alone.)
The category is a hound dog that catches the “small fox such as a fox” living in the hole.

The 4th group is Dachshund.
Categories are badgers living in holes in the ground and hound dogs catching rabbits.

In contrast to terrier, there are only one kind of dogs in Dachshund!

The5th group is Spitz and primitive (unmodified dog).

Categories are dogs of Spitz type and original dogs including Japanese dogs.
There are many people who are not used to listening to the term primitive. That means that the breed has not been improved.

(The primitive has the charm of a dog of unchanged figure from ancient times!)

The 6th group is a dog related to the St. Hound and the St. Hound.

Category is a beast hound dog that can catch prey with big squeal and very good olfaction.
(It is a powerful, rugged dog!)
The 7th group is a pointer setter.
Categories of pointers and setters are hound dogs that can locate prey and quietly indicate the position of prey.

(It is exactly a buddy!)
The 8th group is a dog other than the seventh group.
n that group, retriever, flushing dog, water dog are classified.
The 9th group is a pet dog called companion dog and toy dog.

A dog bought at home or a dog for a companion / pet is said.

Chihuahuas, Papillons, Shih Tzu, Cavaliers, Poodle, Pugs etc are also included in this.
The 10th group is a site hound.
As for the explanation of the site hound category, it seems to be a dog that has excellent vision, can track and capture prey by running power.

It is a dog whose Borzoi, salaki, sluge etc. are classified into groups.
(References / From the Japan Kennel Club website above)


What did you think?
Did you know any dog ​​breeds?

A lot of dogs gathered together, World Dog Show 2018.

I want to prepare a lot for next year’s sake!

Jay Cannache will continue to support the World Dog Show!

It is a dog whose Borzoi, salaki, sluge etc. are classified into groups.