Four gestures! Dog’s feelings

[ Four gestures! Dog’s feelings]

Hello everyone.
There are a lot of problems in the world.

But we can take countermeasures if we even know the meaning of the problem.
The same can be said for your dog’s feelings.

If you could understand your dog’s feelings, you would be glad. And you can think how you can respond.
By saying that,we would like to introduce the feelings of the dogs to understand from the dogs’ gestures.

After the dog chewed the owner,a sign of “Licking hands and Feet”.
Suppose your dog bites you.
After that, you have to be careful if your dog is licking hands and feet.

If you think that “your dog is reflecting,” that is a big mistake.
Actually, your dog does not reflect on you.

To you, your dog is threatening “If you do not listen to me, I will do more terrible things to you!”
That is the state that your hierarchical relationship with your dog is reversing!

You must reconsider “daily communication” with your dog.

A sign that the dog “hurts”

The dog “signs to scratch his face with his forefoot”

This means that “When the dog is jealous” or “The dog does not have a long time for the owner”.
In other words, dogs are often “signs of complaints”.
Conversely, the sign of “scratching your face with hind legs” of a dog is like “happy” or “satisfied”.
When the dog was able to play with the owner,and it is a sign that the dog gives to “when I ate rice.”
Praise your dog, please smile for your dog.
Let’s deepen your relationship of trust by communicating with your dog.

By the way, the dog may also scratch your face when you are sleepy.
It is confusing for you, is not it?

Again, you better remember.
That is if your dog scratches part of the body all the time.
It is possible that your dog is getting sick.
Let’s have your dog examined in the hospital at once.

A sign that a dog wants to become friends with

There are times when your dog suddenly fell down and does not move while you and your dog are taking a walk.
And the gesture that your dog is not hostile “make a nostrils and mouths with your tongue”
This is the sign that your dog thinks “I want to get along with a dog nearby”.
“Come near me!”,”Let’s get along with me!”and your dog is telling.
In such a case, the owner should watch over the dog.


A sign of a dog to give out when scolded
“I am scolding you, maybe you are going to yawn right now?”, you might get angry with your dog.
Actually, your dog is listening to your words properly.
A yawn of a dog is “a signature reflecting.”
The dog will yawn. Not only when the dog is sleepy but also when you want to calm your opponent.
Your dog may want to tell it as follows.
“calm down!”
“Because I understood, stop it now”
When you are scolding your dog, the dog may see a different direction.

“Hey! Are you listening?”

But you must not be mad.
It is a sign of reflection that the dog “looks in a different direction” is a reflection.
Please do not scold the dog for you.

People are trying to find out about pet dogs, but sometimes they do not understand.
It is unavoidable.
That’s why your communication is important to your dog.

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Please do use it by all means.